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posted 15 May 2018

This time is a tutorial on how to register items to be added in your MOD to Ore dictionary.

Ore dictionary is a mechanism used to share material items added by Mod, such as Copper, Silver and Sapphire.


1. How the Ore dictionary works

In Ore dictionary, the naming rule of the material name is decided as follows.


By linking these material names of Ore dictionary and items to be added by your MOD, the ore dictionary attempts to share the items.

For material names in Ore dictionary, please refer to Forge Ore Dictionary List and Use of ore dictionary.


2. Register items in Ore dictionary

ChinjufuMod also registers Aluminum and Bauxite ore in Ore dictionary using the following 2 classes.


By writing 【OreDictionary.registerOre (“Material name”, Item);】, I link the material name of Ore dictionary with the item.



By calling up the contents registered in OreDictionaryHandler.java, you can link it with the item of your MOD and the material name of Ore dictionary.



This time, I explained how to register the material items prepared by your MOD into Ore dictionary.

However, Ore dictionary is a mechanism to share material items. Therefore, if you prepare a recipe using Ore dictionary, you can also make recipes that use material items not added in your MOD.

If the ore MOD you like is compatible with Ore dictionary, you can do it in cooperation with that MOD without making material items with your MOD. How you think about cooperation with other MOD depends on the creator. But, it is good to remember that there are such options.

By the way, I have been watching the MOD that development stops whenever Minecraft advances updates. So, on the premise of preparing including material items, I am making ChinjufuMod.

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